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a cute dog
A Dalmatian dog

Aug, 2023

Landlords and agents made my owners feel like we were “bad tenants” but Repit was always on our side. They helped us find a beautiful house with amazing backyard for me playing with and do zoomies all day long!

Jack Rassel dog

Feb, 2022

When my family decided moving to the UK I was excited but worried! Seems like dogs are not the best offer for landlords. Repit helped us to find a beautiful pet-friendly maisonette next to a great park, where I found a lot friends!   

A cat

June, 2023

I always come to a new home first, so I need to be sure that the new home is sweet and warm. Repit helped us to find the right one and it's purrrrfect! Lots places to hide and play with my family and cozy warm corner for me. 

A dog

Jul, 2022

All the team are incredibly friendly (and gave me great belly rub). Polite and on the ball. Repit helped us to reassure the landlord that I'm not going to chew their furniture (even I wanted to) and found a flat with a great window to observe a street around.

A dog

Apr 15, 2023

We struggled to communicate with agents as they were not accommodating of myself. The team at Repit was very helpful and understanding of our needs. We found our perfect house!

A french bulldog

Apr 15, 2023

Pawsitively thrilled with our new home in Greenwich! Big thanks to Repit for fetching a fantastic place for my family. They expertly negotiated with the landlord, turning their initial 'bark' into a welcoming 'woof.'

a cute dog in a blanket

Save up to 50 hours on your rental search

Forget about the “accepts pets” filter on Zoopla or endless calls with real estate agents that go south as soon as you mention a fluffy (or not so fluffy) companion.

Repit clients get from request to signing the contract in two weeks on average. You’ll only see what’s relevant, and what fits your needs – no need to settle for less anymore.

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Looking for a new home with a pet could be a source of tremendous stress. Balancing multiple tasks simultaneously, spending countless hours on calls, emails - we take it on us.


"It is not my first relocation and I'm looking to break free from the monotony"

£ 399

All Standard services:

  • Home-finding dashboard

  • 8 property viewings arranged

  • Offers builder and guidance

  • Property search advice and assistance

  • Selected property options (basic filters)

  • Paperwork and reference quiz and guides

  • Support available 6 days a week

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"I need proper guidance and want to find an outstanding home"

£ 799

All Standard services PLUS:

  • 15 property viewings arranged

  • Upon arrival support - banking, insurance, mobile, BRP

  • Advanced property search - only most suitable options

  • Personal paperwork support and assistance

  • Rental agreement review

  • Property check-in assistance

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"Just all inclusive, please"

£ 1699

All Advanced services PLUS:

  • School search

  • Comprehensive pre-departure support - transfer, movers, etc

  • Temporary accommodation search

  • Hidden gems - best properties off the market

  • Remote viewings and property tours

  • Settling in - bills, council tax, insurance, broadband, parking etc

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