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Properties from Zoopla and Rightmove aggregated on your dashboard in real time: up to five different areas, only suitable move-in dates, no duplicates, location insights by Crystal Roof.

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Good value-for-money properties are usually let within the first 7 viewings. Repit will chase the agent or landlord to make sure you are among the first to view it.

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Our friendly chat-bot and even friendlier humans will keep you updated in writing so that you can keep your day job on track.

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Do you prefer victorian ceilings? or no carpets anywhere in the flat? With our advanced search add-on, we’ll meticulously observe these or any other criteria before showing options to you.

Nail the rental price & terms

The property market is volatile and it’s hard to guess the right price. Repit will recommend a price and negotiation tactic to hit the optimal terms.

Someone on your side

Repit will support you on each step, explaining what to expect and how to act in different situations.

Home search is a full-time job

Let us do the work for you!

We’ll track properties to select only relevant and up-to-date ones.

We’ll arrange all viewings – no more frustrating calls to dozens of agents.

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Unveiling the Impact of EPC Ratings on UK Rental Market

Understanding EPC rates, potential reform and impact on the rental market in England

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Our clients are satisfied


Decision to move to a new flat

"I absolutely hate communicating with agents and I always feel like they are doing me a favour."

Decision to reach out to Repit for help

I absolutely love it when you just tell me when and where I'm viewing what, and I don't have to deal with agencies, calls, scheduling anything etc. Amazing!"

"Repit took off a great weight of my shoulders by managing the whole process. Good value for money, I wholeheartedly recommend them!"

Our clients are satisfied


East Dulwich



I absolutely hate communicating with agents and I always feel like they are doing me a favour.
I absolutely love it when you just tell me when and where I'm viewing what, and I don't have to deal with agencies, calls, scheduling anything etc. Amazing!
Repit took off a great weight of my shoulders by managing the whole process. Good value for money, I wholeheartedly recommend them!

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North London



There aren't enough filtering options on property websites so it was time-consuming to go through all of the properties and find any interesting ones.
I didn't have to worry about booking viewings and constantly checking the websites. It was all taken care of by Repit, and I could focus on other important tasks.
The perfect flat was found and signed with the help of Repit. The process was very smooth.





I struggled to schedule viewings, and lacked the understanding of what good value for money means in London.
I became much more relaxed about the process when scheduling viewings and contacting agents got taken care of by Repit.
Flat found and signed. Repit is good value for money and made a positive impression. I am likely to use them again!

Client photo


St John's Wood



When renting previously, we struggled to communicate with agents as they were not accommodating of the fact that we have a dog.
The team at Repit was very helpful and understanding of our needs.
We found our perfect house and we would have struggled had it not been for the help from Repit. I definitely recommend and I will definitely use them again.




We had quite specific expectations for the new flat so we decided to use Repit and make the process easier for us.
The team at Repit managed to get us our dream property where we did not have the energy to do it ourselves.
Despite losing our first choice to different candidates, Repit really made the difference to our flat search and helped us with the second offer.

Client photo





It was my first time renting and I was unaware of how the rental market works in the UK.
Repit helped relieve the frustration connected with renting process from the moment I signed up.
The flat hunting  was successful despite many challenges which the Repit team handled without any problems. I definitely recommend their services!

Client photo





I've had previous bad experiences with renting and I was not sure where I wanted to rent.
I was changing my mind about the location a few times but nonetheless, Repit and I worked like a team – always in touch and full of understanding.
Repit helped me find the perfect flat in Hammersmith and I definitely recommend using them!





When we flat-hunted previously, landlords and agents would make us feel like we were “bad tenants” numerous times and we felt disheartened.
Repit was always on our side during the process. They helped us sign the contract in time for us being eligible for the new school.
We found the right property timely and were very happy with the process. Definitely good value for money!

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£ 299


"It is not my first relocation and I need just break free of routine"

Home-finding dashboard

8 property viewings arranged

Offers builder and guidance

Property search advice and assistance

Selected property options (basic filters)

Paperwork and reference quiz and guides

Support available 6 days a week


"I need proper guidance and want to find an outstanding home"

All Standard services PLUS:

15 property viewings arranged

Upon arrival support - banking, insurance, mobile, BRP

Advanced property search - only 100% suitable options

Personal referencing support and assistance

Contract review

Property check-in assistance

£ 699


"Just all inclusive, please"

All Advanced services PLUS:

School search

Comprehensive pre-departure support - transfer, movers, etc

Temporary accommodation search

School search

Hidden gems - best properties off the market

Remote viewings and property tours

Settling in - bills, council tax, insurance, broadband, parking etc.

£ 1599

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